Yahoo Account Personalization for Settings and Features

Right from changing Yahoo themes to customizing the look of your email account, you can personalize your account easily. It is possible with the assistance of Settings in your Yahoo account. Now, you can personalize your Yahoo account by updating or adding a picture. In addition, the image can be changed from a desktop computer system and on mobile apps.

In order to start with let’s begin the process of adding or updating a picture on a web browser.

Steps to update on a Web browser:
• You need to go to the Yahoo Personal info page on your PC.
• After that tap the camera image which is displayed above your name.
• Now select a photo from your system library or you can take a new one.
• Then you can edit the photo via cropping it.
• Lastly, tap Crop and save to choose your Account image.

Instructions to update in Yahoo apps:

• Your image file size: 5MB
• Image resolution capacity:192×192
• File formats: .jpg, .jpeg and .png,

Furthermore, you can personalize your auto-response feature in Yahoo email account by following these steps:

Steps to create a vacation response:

• Go to the Settings Menu icon | choose Settings.
• After that hit Vacation Response.
• Next, choose to Enable auto-response.
• Afterward, you need to select the starting and ending date for your vacation reply.
• Then you need to enter the response you want the people to see.
Each sender will receive a single vacation response, despite how many times they email you any important message.
• Lastly, hit Save.

Including to this, to protect your Yahoo email account you can follow some safe online practice by personalizing or tuning on two-step verification in your Yahoo email account.

With the help of a two-step verification, you can add another level of security to your Yahoo account. Two-step verification is a high level of security to an account. It needs an extra security code whenever you will try to sign in from an unknown place or device. In case any stranger will try to access your account, they can’t access it easily.

In a nutshell, if you have any doubts related to settings an Account personalization for Settings, consult a technician of Yahoo. This can be possible by calling to Yahoo mail help desk 800 number. The phone number has resolved the maximum issues of Yahoo users.

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