How to Recover Forgot Yahoo Mail ID & Password?

Yahoo account recovery support

Can't access your Yahoo mail or profile using your ID and password? Can't remember your Yahoo password either? Find out the solutions here. You can reset your Yahoo account password easily from your computer or mobile device if your account’s contact info is up to dated. If you forgot your Yahoo mail password and your contact info is not up to date, you can follow the below steps to reset your Yahoo password. If these steps are not helpful, you can still call our Yahoo password recovery support number for instant help.

Forgot Yahoo password? Here's what you should do

Before resetting your Yahoo password, you should consider checking if you are using the right password or Yahoo id and there are no typographical mistakes in the fields (make sure that your caps lock and number lock keys are used as needed). If you are sure about the zero typographical errors and still can’t remember your password, here are some simple steps to reset Yahoo password.

  1. Open, put you Yahoo email address and click on "Continue"
  2. On next page click "Forgot Password", this will open "Let's get you into your account" page
  3. Now again put your Yahoo mail address and hit "Continue"
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA code if prompted and click "Submit"
  5. Now to reset your Yahoo mail password, you will need to verify your identity by using any of the below option:
  • Mobile Number: If you have your mobile number on file and you can receive the text message (SMS) on the listed number, click “Yes, text me a code”. Yahoo will now send a verification code to your cell phone. Enter the verification code in the blank box and click “Verify”. Now you can create new password for your Yahoo account.
  • Alternate email address: If you have an alternate email address added in your account, you can get verification code there to recover your Yahoo mail password.
  • Security Questions: This option will only be available if you have secret questions on file with Yahoo. Once you put right answers to security questions, you can easily change your Yahoo mail password.

Important things to remember about Yahoo password recovery

  • Use a strong new password for your Yahoo mail account.
  • You will need to update your new sign-in password on your mobile apps as they won’t update automatically.
  • If your Yahoo mail account is not accessed for 30 days, Yahoo will consider it as abandoned or unused. Unused Yahoo account often gets deleted from the server, making account recovery next to impossible.
  • Yahoo Account Has Been Hacked - If you feel that your old password was not working due to spamming or hacking, contact Yahoo customer care number immediately.
  • Update your new contact info (Mobile Number & Alternate email address) in your Yahoo account if needed.
  • If you think someone else was using your account, we recommend changing your security questions and review your account settings

Our Third Party Yahoo Helpline Option

It is possible to end up at a dead end when you have no verification options but taking our professional help will make it easy for you. Call Yahoo customer service number to find out how to recover account with no verification.

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