How to Change Password in Hotmail Account?

The email password of any account should be strong enough to safeguard your account from an unauthorized person. Creating a weak password for your Hotmail account may lead to loss of important data and your personal identity too. In case you want to change your password and make it a strong one, you need to … Continue reading “How to Change Password in Hotmail Account?”

Not Receiving Email Notification from Facebook

Email notifications are Facebook updates that the user of an account obtains via email. Sometimes, Facebook users confront an issue in receiving an email notification. The issue might be caused in case you haven’t enabled your email notification, change your Gmail account and haven’t updated on Facebook account, and much more technical conditions. These are … Continue reading “Not Receiving Email Notification from Facebook”

How to use Skype Services from Hotmail Inbox

The Skype and Hotmail services are provided by Microsoft Inc. and this makes users get access to all services with a single account and place. Yes, now you don’t need to sign in separately on your Hotmail account and Skype account as both of these services can be accessed in a single place. The Skype … Continue reading “How to use Skype Services from Hotmail Inbox”

How to Fix File Attachment Problems in Yahoo mail?

With a Yahoo Mail account, you can easily attach files to emails for sending to your friends and family. Be it a picture, document, spreadsheets, or PDF, you can attach any file to an email message you compose in your Yahoo Mail account. However, some users find trouble sending an attachment with an email because … Continue reading “How to Fix File Attachment Problems in Yahoo mail?”

How to Change Gmail Profile Picture on iPhone?

An individual can select a photo for setting as his or her Gmail picture. The image will be shown up when someone will your name in their chat list or email inbox. In order to change the Gmail account profile picture, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. Steps to Change Gmail profile picture on … Continue reading “How to Change Gmail Profile Picture on iPhone?”

How to Permanently Delete a Yahoo Accounts?

Yahoo users can easily shut down an account manually and can delete it along with their emails in a proper manner. In case you are thinking to delete and close your Yahoo mail account, you will lose My Yahoo! settings, like photos, Flickr account, and additional data in services that have been provided by Yahoo. … Continue reading “How to Permanently Delete a Yahoo Accounts?”

Spam Filter Not Working Properly on My Yahoo Account

In case the filters in your Yahoo Mail account aren’t working properly or if emails are not being sent to the appropriate folder, you will need to review the filtering guidelines of Yahoo. Generally, all the incoming emails go through the spam filter before going through the other filters. In case your emails are not … Continue reading “Spam Filter Not Working Properly on My Yahoo Account”

How to Fix Spam Filter Issues In Hotmail Account?

Spam emails are among the most annoying issues in the Hotmail account. Although Hotmail offers users with spam filter feature that scans and prevents incoming spam emails from entering your inbox, however sometimes because of some issues, the spam filter may not work as it should and your inbox may get cluttered with spam messages. … Continue reading “How to Fix Spam Filter Issues In Hotmail Account?”

Reset Outlook Password

In your daily life, how many things do we need to remember and recall; the daily schedules, mobile numbers, family, to-do list, and whatnot. And there is another thing; the Outlook password. Yes, remembering the password is an additional task to do and we, humans are bad for remembering things. This is really difficult to … Continue reading “Reset Outlook Password”

Need Support to Deactivate or Delete Facebook Account

If you have actually decided to deactivate your Facebook account and you are done with your account, then you need to implement some of the simple steps for permanently deleting your account.By implementing these steps, you can easily deactivate your account and select to come back whenever you like to. Steps to deactivate or delete … Continue reading “Need Support to Deactivate or Delete Facebook Account”