Not Receiving Email Notification from Facebook

Email notifications are Facebook updates that the user of an account obtains via email. Sometimes, Facebook users confront an issue in receiving an email notification. The issue might be caused in case you haven’t enabled your email notification, change your Gmail account and haven’t updated on Facebook account, and much more technical conditions. These are … Continue reading “Not Receiving Email Notification from Facebook”

How to Permanently Delete a Yahoo Accounts?

Yahoo users can easily shut down an account manually and can delete it along with their emails in a proper manner. In case you are thinking to delete and close your Yahoo mail account, you will lose My Yahoo! settings, like photos, Flickr account, and additional data in services that have been provided by Yahoo. … Continue reading “How to Permanently Delete a Yahoo Accounts?”

Need Support to Deactivate or Delete Facebook Account

If you have actually decided to deactivate your Facebook account and you are done with your account, then you need to implement some of the simple steps for permanently deleting your account.By implementing these steps, you can easily deactivate your account and select to come back whenever you like to. Steps to deactivate or delete … Continue reading “Need Support to Deactivate or Delete Facebook Account”

How to Change Facebook Usernames and Password

Are you bored of that clumsy username which has been stick to your Facebook profile since the beginning? It’s time for outrage, let’s go ahead and get rid of that lousy thing. By choosing a unique username you can basically customize the web address for your profile. There are some guidelines that you need to … Continue reading “How to Change Facebook Usernames and Password”