Reset Outlook Password

In your daily life, how many things do we need to remember and recall; the daily schedules, mobile numbers, family, to-do list, and whatnot. And there is another thing; the Outlook password.

Yes, remembering the password is an additional task to do and we, humans are bad for remembering things. This is really difficult to remember and recall the password and without this, you couldn’t sign in to your Outlook account.

When you find that your Outlook password is not working; this could be that the Caps lock is on; you can try after turning it off.  This could be a temporary error when you are sure that you are using the correct email address and password combination.

There are chances that someone has changed the password; when you kept it unattended or when you used it on some public computer. When you are sure that you are using the correct combination of Outlook user name and password; you should go with a password reset alternative. We have a step-by-step guide for you to reset your Outlook password.

Steps to Reset Outlook password

  • The first step is to go to the Reset your password page or use this link.
  • Now you need to specify the reason you need your password reset and then click on Next button
  • Then enter the email address you used when you made your Outlook account. This could be an email address or something at [email protected] or [email protected]
  • You need to enter the characters you see on the screen to verify that your are genuine user, not a bot and then click on Next button
  • You will receive a security code on your registered email address or mobile number for recovery as an alternative recovery method
  • Once you enter that code on the next screen; you will be prompted to reset your Outlook password with a new one
  • That’s all. Make sure that you will remember this password properly for future

There are chances when you haven’t registered any alternative recovery method or maybe you don’t have access to that particular email or mobile number. In such a case; you can ask for another recovery process. This will be on the basis of some questions to be asked for your Outlook account. You have to answer them properly. Once you are done with the questionnaire; you will get to reset your Outlook password.

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