How to Change Password in Hotmail Account?

The email password of any account should be strong enough to safeguard your account from an unauthorized person. Creating a weak password for your Hotmail account may lead to loss of important data and your personal identity too. In case you want to change your password and make it a strong one, you need to know the right procedure for creating it. So for this, you need to have a glance at the below-mentioned steps:

Steps to Change a Password in Hotmail account

• First of all, you need to sign in to Outlook (previously Hotmail).
• Then after you need to enter the Hotmail address and password to log in.
• You need to hit your profile image which is in the upper-right corner of the account inbox.
• And you need to choose ‘Account settings’.
• Hit the “Security and password” menu choice.
• Simply confirm your account (if necessary). Hotmail users will be asked to confirm the account. You will get a code from Microsoft for the backup email address.
• In case you don’t have access to the same, choose “I don’t have these anymore”.
• Afterward, you need to click the “Change password” link.
• You will see the three fields on the “Change your password” page. The first one is for an old password, and the rest two are for your latest password.
• Finally, you need to enter the new password two times for confirming it. And click the Save button.

Tips to make a strong password in Hotmail account

• While creating a strong password, you need to make sure that it should be at least eight characters. And you need to remember your changed password for further changes.

• You should not create a password by using your own or real name because hackers always try to find the person from his or her real identity.
• Using a combination of characters, words, and symbols will be the best idea for creating a strong password.
• If you forget the password of the Hotmail account, then you can save the answer for a predefined query which will definitely help you to access your account.
• You need to set the location because this will help you to protect your account from any kind of mishandling.

These steps will surely help you in clearing your concept of changing and making your strong Hotmail account password.

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