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Yeah, you know Gmail has several amazing features. But do you use all of them? Not everyone is well aware of all features or even if they are aware of these, they are not making the most of them for sure. Well, here’s a list of 16 amazing features of Gmail that you should use:

  1. Spam filters
  2. Keyboard shortcuts
  3. Priority inbox
  4. Hidden symbols for filtering
  5. Use multiple account
  6. Use https (For security)
  7. Video chat
  8. Mute conversations
  9. Advanced search & search operators
  10. 2-step verification
  11. Canned responses
  12. SMS from Gmail
  13. Offline access
  14. Send empty message without prompt
  15. Security checklist
  16. Access email from other online accounts

Gmail or Google mail is an electronic mail service offered by Google. Having outstanding amount of space, spam filter, integration with other Google services and chat & talk features, Gmail certainly has numerous reasons to be claimed as the most used electronic mail in the entire world. Every day, thousands of Gmail accounts are created across the world.

With thousands of Gmail accounts being created every day, there is no refuting the fact that it gets congestion. It facilitates major as well as minor technical glitches owing to huge number of users. In other words, though Gmail gives so many benefits, it is not free from malfunction. Encountering a bug and not reporting it to the technicians will further hamper your experience. Users can directly call Gmail customer service phone number to get resolution for any technical problem.

Here are some of the most common issues that you may come across while using or accessing Google mail.

  • Errors while creating a new Gmail account.
  • Can’t send or receive email messages.
  • Sent messages are not delivered.
  • Forgot Gmail password
  • Can’t sync or can’t fix the sync issue in mobile phone.
  • Pop Imap setting issue.
  • Gmail login page not responding or loading.
  • Issues while sending or receiving mail attachments.
  • Page visibility problems.
  • Gmail compatibility with different browsers.
  • Issues related to Gmail server.
  • Hacking or compromising issues with Gmail account.
  • Problems in implementing 2-step verification.

These are just a few examples. There are, in fact, many other tech issues related to Gmail. Make sure that when you get clashed with any such errors, don’t just let it go. Users are requested to contact our Gmail customer care immediately by dialing the toll free support phone number. A bunch of world’s best technicians are waiting for you call. Well-versed and versatile, these engineers are industry trained and highly qualified to solve your Gmail problems. They are highly skilled and can resolve any issue without killing much of your time. Our Gmail tech support team is like a ray of hope for these miserable and dejected users. We can feel the pain of our esteemed customers who lose access to Gmail account; hence, offer meticulous service suiting all needs and queries.

Be it a petty error or the most complex one, we know how to deal with it. Assuring you to avail the finest service, our Gmail customer service experts with immense knowledge ensure that you enjoy sending and receiving messages, chat with friends and colleagues and access to photos and other important documents. There is another reason why our tech geeks are the best for this job. They easily develop a relationship and maintain very good rapport with the customers. They listen to the customer’s queries and complaints like a good friend and provide the best solution as well as suggestion to eliminate the issue.

Gmail Customer Support Service Number 1-888-304-8333 (USA & Canada)

Advantages That You Will Be Entitled With Gmail Customer Support:

Now that you know how well-versed and professional we are, thinking about whether to take our service or not is a complete waste of time. Simply pick your phone and dial the Gmail customer support toll free number to avail the best technical support. Okay, so you are still unsure? Let’s do one thing; contact our existing customers. These are the people who have already used our services. Contact them and you will get to know how happy and satisfied they are by availing our awesome Gmail tech service. Hundred percent customer satisfaction is what we always want. Talking about reliability and genuineness, we are simply amazing. Since you are a new user, just take our Gmail customer service for once and we are sure you will come back to us time and again (every time you face technical errors in your Gmail account).

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