Excellent Yahoo Mail App Features Specially For Iphone


Yahoo Mail app for iPhone lets the users have easy and quick access to all the excellent features of Yahoo Mail. The amazing feature not only lets the user organize, search through the emails but also helps in adding multiple accounts, create customized emails, access news and much more without navigating from the app.  Below we have explained about such excellent Yahoo Mail app features for iPhone in detail.

Amazing Yahoo Mail App Features for iPhone

1.) Every Account in One Place

With the Yahoo Mail app on your iPhone, you will never need to worry about keeping multiple apps for different email accounts. Yahoo Mail app comes with an amazing feature that allows a user to keep track of all his/her emails from different accounts by adding them to the Yahoo Mail app. You can easily add your Gmail, Outlook, AOL and other Yahoo Mail addresses with Yahoo Mail app and never miss an important email ever.

2.) Smart Search

You need not scroll through a long list of emails to access an important email as Yahoo Mail app lets you search for an email by a name or keyword to easily locate all related emails, files, and photos in all Yahoo Mail folders.

3.) Customize your Messages

Be unique among your friends and family through your Yahoo Mail. Add files or images from your device, or include online GIFs to compose appealing, content-rich emails in your Yahoo Mail app.

4.) Stay Organized

You can organize your Yahoo mailbox according to your preference. The smart view feature automatically arranges common emails such as promotions, and advertisements so that you can easily locate your preferred emails instantly. Moreover, you can even customize folders to group important messages to access them easily later.

5.) Stay Updated with Latest News

Yahoo Mail app for iPhone also helps you stay updated about business, breaking news, sports, celebrity, movies and much more without making you leave the app. Simply tap on the news icon and browse through all the current information which you want to know about. The Yahoo Mail app even lets you enable notification to get quick access to breaking news when you are not even using the app.

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