Steps to delete Yahoo mail from iPhone device

Deleting your personal Yahoo mail account may consist of several reasons. Storage space issues in your iPhone device or willingness to switch to other email account services could be the reasons for excluding an account from your device.

No matter, whatever the reason is you can delete your Yahoo mail on following these instructions that are given here.

Learn how to delete an account from iPhone device:

  • Open your Yahoo email account on the iPhone device.
  • After that, you need to touch the Settings icon.


  • Then you need to scroll down and touch the Contacts, Mail, and Calendars button.


  • Afterward, you need to choose a Yahoo account that you want to delete it.


  • Then you need to touch the Delete Account button.


  • Last but not least, you need to touch the Delete Account button once more for confirming that you wish to remove your email account from the iPhone device.


Now, you can switch to any of your likable email account services like Gmail, AOL, etc.

Note: Deleting an email account from your device will not delete your Yahoo email account permanently as accessing is possible from other devices or web browsers.

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