How to Set up a Recovery Mobile Number or Email Address in Gmail

For Gmail users, it would be a very troublesome experience when they lose access to their documents, emails, and photos. In order to be assured that you get back into your account quickly, and securely in the future, you simply have to add password recovery options. There is no need to provide a phone number and recovery email address, but in such cases, you need to provide only one for the recovery choice.

Now, the question arises that how you are going to set up a recovery mobile number or email address. So for this, you need to simply follow the below-mentioned steps:

Add or change a recovery phone number:
• First of all, you need to sign in to My Account.
• Then you have to choose personal info in the Personal info & privacy section.
• After that, you need to choose the Phone.
• Now from here, you can:
• Simply add a recovery phone: under the ‘Recovery phone,’ and choose Add recovery phone.
• Immediately after that, you need to change your recovery phone that is next to your phone number and choose to select Edit.
• In the box that appears on the system screen, you need to choose the Update number.
• Finally, you need to enter your phone number and just follow the onscreen directives.

So these helpful step-by-step guidelines will surely help you in providing the guidelines for recovering it.

The very next question is to how to set up an email address in Gmail:

• At the initial stage, you need to sign in to My Account.
• Then in the Personal info & privacy section, you need to choose your personal info.
• Afterward, you need to choose an Email.
• Now from here an individual can:
Add a recovery email and choose Add recovery email.
• Along with this, you need to just change your recovery email and select the email address.
• You need to enter your recovery email address.
• Finally, you need to choose Done.

The above-mentioned steps will surely help you get the directives related to recovery mobile number or email address in Gmail.

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