How to Recover or Reset Gmail Password via Alternatives Methods

These days generally Gmail users keep lots of passwords for accessing various sites or using for the purposes of the transaction but in case you have forgotten your account password of Gmail account, it could give you the major trouble. For this, you don’t need to get worried as you can easily recover it via the associated alternate email address or phone number. In addition, you don’t have any other backups, Goggle will verify your individuality and recover it quickly.

Gmail users can easily reset or recover the password by implementing these steps:

Using the Account Recovery Page

• You need to visit the Google Account Recovery page in case you don’t remember your password, and you have just an email address or a phone number linked to an account, In case you don’t have both of these linked with your account, check to see the next way.

• Simply visit for starting the process.

• On the other hand, you need to load the Gmail page and hit the “Need help?” link which is under the login box on your computer system screen.

• Just choose “I don’t know my password”. You need to enter the Google account email that you have been trying to recover. In addition, you are unable to memorize your username, choose that choice instead. Hit the “Continue” button on the system screen.

• You need to hit “I don’t know” or simply enter the last known password. Entering the previously known password can assist you in recovering the procedure.

• Just choose the recovery option.

• Afterward, you need to enter the verification detail. If you have chosen to get a verification code over the phone call, Gmail users will be asked to enter it. On the other hand, in case you had a recovery email sent to an alternate account, hit the link in the email that you obtain.

• Finally, create a new Gmail password. Quickly just after entering the code or hitting the link, users will be asked or creating a new Google password. Just enter it twice for confirming the same. Hit the “Reset Password” button for carrying on.

With the help of these steps, you can very easily reset the password. In case you confront some technical complexities in your account, you need to quickly get in touch with a certified password recovery professional team of Gmail. The expert will rightly assist you in proffering the hassle-free tech support solutions at a reasonable rate.

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  1. my account has been tried several times to log into by me and my wife and its not reconizing what i feel is our last known password and i tried to use the 6 digit code being emailed to my back up email address and it says “thank you for verifying the account but the account cant be veryfied as belonging to me. i no longer have the phone number associated with the email account so i cant get a text. we have another gmail account thats doing the same thing with same out come and i got to get my mobile contacts from these 2 google accounts and dont know what else to do!! i really need to extract these contacts so i can put them in my mobile phones. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HELP!!

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