How to Attach Any Files with Gmail Account

In case you are on the way and to quickly want to send any of your important files to someone, you can do it from your mobile phone with your account. An individual can attach and send files easily that too without worrying regarding unsupported file types.

Previously, the Gmail account only permitted users to attach videos and pictures to an email. Thus a new change in the app permits the users to attach any file they wish for. It is feasible for them to download and attach any of the compressed files, document files, directly to the cell phone.

For using the feature, you need to make sure that you are using the most recent version of the Gmail account. If it is not, you can update the app via Google Play.

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to attach any files with Gmail account:

• At the initial stage, you need to launch the Gmail app for your android phone. Afterward, you need to tap the menu key for opening the menu list, and then select Compose.
• Afterward, in the Compose email view, you need to tap the action overflow icon and select the Attach file.
• In case you are unable to attach file option, you are most likely using an older version of an account. In such case, you need to go to Play store and check for the current Gmail update from My Apps,
• Then you need to install it to your android.
• And later on in your favorite file manager, you need to just navigate to the preferred location, and just tap on the file for connecting in your email message.
• You need to choose any file that you want.
• Finally, you need to compose and send the email message as you generally would. In addition, when the receiver will receive the email, he or she will have a choice for downloading the file to the handset.

Most importantly, it might be possible that he or she may not be able to open the downloaded file on the mobile phone because the capability for opening the file completely depends on the apps that are already installed on the phone. In lots of cases, it is advisable to access the file from the computer system.

For getting the technical solutions related to the issue of attaching an attachment or other troubles related to Gmail, you need to contact customer service technical support expert of Gmail.

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