Yahoo Account Personalization for Settings and Features

Right from changing Yahoo themes to customizing the look of your email account, you can personalize your account easily. It is possible with the assistance of Settings in your Yahoo account. Now, you can personalize your Yahoo account by updating or adding a picture. In addition, the image can be changed from a desktop computer system and on mobile apps.

In order to start with let’s begin the process of adding or updating a picture on a web browser.

Steps to update on a Web browser:
• You need to go to the Yahoo Personal info page on your PC.
• After that tap the camera image which is displayed above your name.
• Now select a photo from your system library or you can take a new one.
• Then you can edit the photo via cropping it.
• Lastly, tap Crop and save to choose your Account image.

Instructions to update in Yahoo apps:

• Your image file size: 5MB
• Image resolution capacity:192×192
• File formats: .jpg, .jpeg and .png,

Furthermore, you can personalize your auto response feature in Yahoo email account by following these steps:

Steps to create a vacation response:

• Go to the Settings Menu icon | choose Settings.
• After that hit Vacation Response.
• Next, choose to Enable auto response.
• Afterwards, you need to select the starting and ending date for your vacation reply.
• Then you need to enter the response you want the people to see.
Each sender will receive single vacation response, despite how many times they email you any important message.
• Lastly, hit Save.

Including to this, to protect your Yahoo email account you can follow some safe online practice by personalizing or tuning on two-step verification in your Yahoo email account.

With the help of two-step verification, you can add another level of security to your Yahoo account. Two- step verification is a high level of security to an account. It needs an extra security code whenever you will try to sign in from an unknown place or device. In case any stranger will try to access your account, they can’t access it easily.

In a nutshell, if you have any doubts related to settings an Account personalization for Settings, consult a technician of Yahoo. This can be possible by calling to Yahoo mail help desk 800 number. The phone number has resolved maximum issues of Yahoo users.

How to Recognize and Secure a Hacked Yahoo Account

Online cyber experts are the mastermind in stealing your personal data from your Yahoo email account. Hacking password of your account may leave you in stress. Hacking of a Yahoo email account has an adverse effect on personal and personal life. The problem becomes more serious in case your Yahoo account is tied to your Yahoo email address like social PayPal, logins for different websites, and a lot more.

It is essential to take action in case you suspect your Yahoo account has been hacked by cyber criminals.

Signs your account has been hacked

  • You will not receive any emails on your Yahoo email account.
  • Automatically your account settings will be changed without your prior knowledge.
  • Yahoo mail will send spam to your contacts.
  • You will see logins from unpredicted locations on your account activity page.

What to do when you are in a doubt?

  • You need to use two-step verification or Yahoo account key for complete protection of your account.
  • Update your Yahoo account recovery email information as soon as possible.
  • Instantly change your password and make sure that it should be strong enough.
  • You can use Sign in Helper page in case you get locked out of your account.

Speedily review your Yahoo Mail settings:

Go to the account settings in your Yahoo email account and check in case hackers edited some info. You can restore any settings if necessary.


Apart from this, Yahoo users can access the settings using their desktop web browser.

  • Filters
  • Sending name
  • Vacation response
  • Signature
  • Reply-to address
  • Auto-forwarding
  • Blocked addresses

Implement these steps and easily get back your account rapidly. The above mentioned directives are quite simple to implement for Yahoo users and can contact a tech professional team for getting the additional help.

Recovering the hacked Yahoo account is quite an easy task as you don’t need to give up and create another account. You can still recover your account if you take quick action. You must have provided backup data or security while creating a Yahoo account. In case you have given answers to the security questions/ phone number/ or a recovery email address, you will get your hacked account back.

Note: Changing the password of Yahoo is mandatory if you see anything malicious activity in your Yahoo account.


Excellent Yahoo Mail App Features Specially For Iphone

Yahoo Mail app for iPhone lets the users have easy and quick access to all the excellent features of Yahoo Mail. The amazing feature not only lets the user organize, search through the emails but also helps in adding multiple accounts, create customized emails, access news and much more without navigating from the app.  Below we have explained about such excellent Yahoo Mail app features for iPhone in detail.

Amazing Yahoo Mail App Features for iPhone

1.) Every Account in One Place

With Yahoo Mail app on your iPhone, you will never need to worry about keeping multiple apps for different email accounts. Yahoo Mail app comes with an amazing feature that allows a user to keep track of all his/her emails from different accounts by adding them to Yahoo Mail app. You can easily add your Gmail, Outlook, AOL and other Yahoo Mail addresses with Yahoo Mail app and never miss an important email ever.

2.) Smart Search

You need not scroll through a long list of emails to access an important email as Yahoo Mail app lets you search for an email by a name or keyword to easily locate all related emails, files, and photos in all Yahoo Mail folders.

3.) Customize your Messages

Be unique among your friends and family through your Yahoo Mal. Add files or images from your device, or include online GIFs to compose appealing, content-rich emails in your Yahoo Mail app.

4.) Stay Organized

You can organize your Yahoo mailbox according to your preference. The smart view feature automatically arranges common emails such as promotion, and advertisements so that you can easily locate your preferred emails instantly. Moreover, you can even customize folders to group important messages to access them easily later.

5.) Stay Updated with Latest News

Yahoo Mail app for iPhone also helps you stay updated about business, breaking news, sports, celebrity, movies and much more without making your leave the app. Simply tap on news icon and browse through all the current information which you want to know about. The Yahoo Mail app even lets you enable notification to get quick access to breaking news when you are not even using the app.

For more information or tips and tricks related to your Yahoo Mail account, get in touch with our Yahoo Mail experts. We are a reliable third-party Yahoo Mail app customer support service provider. We have a team of experience Yahoo technical experts who are prudent and proficient in handling all Yahoo Mail related issues and queries of customers.

To get in touch, feel free to call on our 24-hour Yahoo mail helpline number (toll-free). Moreover, you can also send us your query via email or you can have a one to one conversation with our expert via live chat support.

How to Block Flashing Banner Ads in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo email account users can avail the free email services once downloading it on the computer system screen. The account has been plagued via flashing banner ads for a longer period of time. In case flashing banner ads are distracting you or don’t want any more on your account page, can disable them from all your browsers.

Let’s find out the methods to block flashing banner ads on different browsers:

On Chrome browser:
• First of all, you need to download the AdBlock extension. The particular extension is intended for blocking advertisements on websites. It will block all the banner ads that have appeared on your mail inbox.
• Then, you need to configure AdBlock for blocking mail ads. AdBlock should be configured correctly when it is installed.
• Later on, simply reopen Yahoo mail. In case you have left inbox open while installing AdBlock, simply close & reopen the browser for AdBlock.

On Firefox browser:

• At the initial stage, you need to download the Adblock Plus extension. This will help you in blocking advertisements.
• After that you need to configure Adblock Plus. Installing Adblock Plus is generally enough to overcome of the ads on mail.
• Next, simply reopen Yahoo mail. In case you have left inbox open during installation Adblock Plus, just close & reopen the browser for Adblock Plus for taking the effect.
• Finally, you need to try a dissimilar extension. “Yahoo Mail Hide Ad Panel” is an additional admired extension that will clock the ads on mail page.

On Internet Explorer:

• First, you need to visit the Adblock Plus website. You need to install Adblock Plus because Internet Explorer does not offer the same. It can be directly downloaded from the Adblock Plus website.
• After that you need to hit “Install for Internet Explorer” button.
• Then, you need to hit the .Run button. This will automatically begin the setup process. You need to follow the prompts for installing the extension.
• Next, you need to restart Internet Explorer on the computer system screen. Once the installation process is done, need to start up Internet Explorer once more.
• After that you need to hit the .Enable button for turning turn on Adblock Plus.
• At last, you need to reopen Yahoo mail. This manner, all of the ads now be hidden.

The above-mentioned steps are quite easy to understand but if you confront any such complexities in understanding the steps, you can contact Yahoo mail toll free phone number any time you want to.

How to Fix IMAP Issues and File Attachments in Yahoo Mail

Are you using Yahoo email account for your daily official purpose? If your answer is positive, then you must be confronting some or the other technical issues with your account. Most probably you are confronting issues like hacking of Yahoo email account, an issue in sending or receiving emails, IMAP trouble, and much more. In case you are confronting technical issues in viewing emails and sending Yahoo mail from your mobile phone, you need to check IMAP settings. Such types of an issue often caused due to not using the right IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) settings.

In case you are confronting IMAP and file attachments issue in Yahoo mail account, you need to check IMAP settings such as:

• Outgoing Mail Server
• Your login info
• Incoming mail server

A quick fix of IMAP issues:

The instructions for setting up IMAP with Yahoo mail on a mobile phone varies by program. In such case, it is recommended by Yahoo technician to go the support website of the program or device for the further instructions.

In case you are using Android or iOS device, you can simply try to set up your account by means of the setup wizard.

• Simply add Yahoo mail to iOS mail.
• Add Yahoo mail account to android mail.

On the other hand in case you confront any sort of technical complexities in understanding the above steps or confront issues after following these steps, you need to quickly consult a third party technical support providing company.

The company is the trustworthy place to discuss all your technical troubles with complete ease. The tech professional of the company helps in removing the technical faults that you confront while using the mail account. In addition, the tech professionals bring the best technical services to the users round the clock via the aid of emails, remote access, the live chats, or phone calls. You can easily pick the best medium to communicate with the technician team and obtain hassle-free solutions.

Yahoo users can approach the expert team anytime for fixing every technical hindrance and various account related queries. The good thing is that you can set the appropriate answer for your query by talking to the executives who have years of professionalism in troubleshooting various sorts of troubles. One can also reach to the experts by dialing a toll-free phone number. The phone number will help you in connecting to the well-qualified technicians of a third party customer service support of Yahoo mail.